if I was having a coffee … no a beer right now …

Well, I’ve swopped the iced coffee for a chilled Peroni! We still have temperatures up near 30 C, only now we get a cool breeze, bliss.

So, hands up those of you who can believe it is September in this crazy, weird and sometimes daunting year? But I don’t want to dwell on this in my post. However, I have had huge ‘writers block’ as of course, I’ve stayed very local, so that put an end to my plans of visiting more places and sharing on my blog. And of course, no events. No fiestas!! I mean Spain and fiestas go hand in hand, don’t they? I was looking back at photos and it really is hard to imagine how we would meet up with friends and party at the local fiestas here. People packed into plazas and spilling out onto streets. All seems amazing right now?! And this weekend just would have been the highlight of our local fiesta in Antas.

Therefore, I’ve decided to ‘go to some fiestas’ in this a short photo blog of fun, colour and happiness. Just what the world needs and a way to say ‘hi’ to everyone! Plus, fantastic memories before Steve and I move on to our next adventure in the coming weeks …..

Our first fiesta in Caravaca – Caballos del Vino

Mojacar !




And dear Antas, close to our hearts.

Our friends here, will be pleased I didn’t share some of the more ‘drunken’ photos (Jauro fiesta in particular!) … LOL

Please stay safe, sane and happy out there. x

7 thoughts on “if I was having a coffee … no a beer right now …

  1. Great photos and, as you say, strange to see people in such close proximity to each other. We think the lack of the fiestas this summer has made the season pass very quickly; we shall also miss the autumn fiestas in Mallorca – wine fair, olive fair, honey fair etc.

    New adventure? Sounds exciting. I wish you luck and hope to be able to read about it in due course. xx


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