Our story

It’s early March and I’m sat in the shelter of our front patio. The sun is shining but there is a cool wind blowing and the temperature is struggling to reach 16 degrees. Last week it was 23 – 25 degrees and it felt like summer but that is the fickle nature of the weather at this time of year.

We have been in our cortijo for nearly ten months. Situated in the small community of Los Chopos, nestled in a valley in the foothills of the Cabo de Gato. It is idyllic. Rugged countryside and a peacefulness, that would be hard to find in the UK. At night the sky is filled with a multitude of stars, a ‘must’ for any amateur astronomer and by day there are endless country walks. And yet we are ten minutes’ drive to the small town of Antas and twenty minutes’ drive from the wonderful sandy beach at Garrucha and a plethora of restaurants and bars.

Garrucha is very much a working town with its port and marina with plenty of shops and a fabulous market on Fridays.

The population swells in the summer months with Spanish and international tourists who line the beach front promenade and fill the bars and restaurants. The atmosphere is one of relaxed fun and we often take our dog, Freddie, there. He loves meeting the other dogs as they parade their owners along the front! Just a couple of miles further along the coast is Mojacar Playa. It is very much a tourist town with many British and European residents. In the hills behind is Mojacar Pueblo. The original Spanish town, a ‘must visit’ not just for the quaint white washed houses but also the incredible views. You have to come to see for yourself. Photos do not do it justice.

There are many Brits living in Almeria and we all have our story to tell but there is one constant factor and that is no one is looking to return to the UK anytime soon.

We decided to take the plunge whilst we still had the guts. We felt if we left it too long, we might no longer have the courage to do so. And you don’t know what’s around the corner. So we started planning and visiting many areas in Southern Spain. Looking at properties and trying to get a feel for the different areas.

We made a few mistakes along the way but we had Pilar, our Spanish lawyer, to point out the pitfalls and problems and made sure what we were buying was legal and that we were making a safe investment.

So here we are nine months in and still with a long list of things we have to do.

That was then ….. Now fast forward to January 2019 …..

Yes, we decided to shake it all up and start a different chapter to our adventure in Spain. Of course we are still ‘chilled at sunset’ but a new location not so far away from Antas. We are back amongst people, bars and Spanish restaurants, plus a spa and a gym and all within walking distance. Still close to all our lovely friends and with stunning views, open spaces and can now add a sea view to the mix. In fact we are now just an 8 minute drive to the Mediterranean coast at Garrucha. Sounds good eh? Read in full January 2019 post ‘A Change of Sunset’!

We are on the move on again! October 2020, in a crazy year, catch up with post ‘Reflection on a Dream’. We plan for another adventure, chilled at sunset of course, but where……?

June 2022, arrived in France !

Steve and Carole


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