If I was having a coffee right now……

If I was having a coffee right now, I would be sat on the front patio feeling the warmth of the winter sunshine here in Almeria. I would have my giant Cath Kidston powder blue floral mug full of nescafe. I would be looking at the lovely plants and ignoring the many weeds surrounding them. And I would chat about this weekend and I guess finally own up to being 60. OMG 60, where on earth did that horrible number come from? In the last two weeks, my darling husband has told everyone we met that my 60th birthday was imminent! He just wanted me to be the same age as him so we really grow old together. Anyway, we will now be embracing our ‘successful sixties’ with a new adventure. Don’t ask me for details yet but keep reading our blog……..

What is the best way to celebrate such a milestone birthday? I had planned to have a quiet weekend, just a meal with Steve and then we would go for a long walk along the beach with Charlie our mad GSD puppy. That way the pain of this milestone would be minimal. People sat near me or walking by would never need to know. Then come Monday, everything would be back to normal and I doubt I would have developed too many extra wrinkles overnight!

But instead, my best friend Dee and her fiancé Rob had a moment of madness and kindness and decided to get a flight at 6.30am Saturday morning to surprise me! Well, being with Steve 24/7, it couldn’t be a total surprise but then for me, it added to the fun of us planning the weekend ahead with great friends. The celebrations started at about 1pm and ended around 5.30pm the following day. Of course, no longer being a spring chick, there were breaks for tea, meals and some sleep. But I am not shy to admit that Dee and I danced around the kitchen in true disco style accompanied not by our men but champagne flutes as bubbly as us until about 1.00am!!

In the restaurant, for Sunday lunch, we continued to reminisce about all the years gone by and added a few of the escapades from the night before. I generally received kind birthday cards plus kind and cheeky text messages!! I was also told that 60 is the new 50, apparently, well no, let us make it the new 40!

After dropping Dee and Rob off at the airport, I fell asleep in the car with many unanswered questions spinning in my head……do I stop wearing a bikini now……how short should my dresses and shorts be……is it worth upgrading the anti-aging cream while living in the sun……how long and how blonde should my hair go……what clothes in my wardrobe are now just a bit too young looking……? Then I heard ‘darling, we’re home’, so my questions are still unanswered.

If I was having a coffee right now, I would tell you what a happy and fabulous weekend I had really celebrating my 60th birthday in style!


PS…I have just finished my WordPress ‘blog’ course on design and layout of  blogs…… would love to hear what you think of the ‘new look’???

8 thoughts on “If I was having a coffee right now……

  1. Happy Bithday Carole, pleased to hear that you had the lovely time that you deserved. It is definitely the new 40 or maybe a little lower! The birthday card is excellent.
    Your front porch looks very tempting for a long coffee break, I can imagine that you spend many a happy hour there. Looking forward to seeing what your next adventure is.
    Take care xx


  2. Happy birthday Carole! 🤗🍷 we must definitely celebrate with ‘home made ‘ cake when we come out next week!! 🍰 what a lovely surprise that your friends came over to celebrate with you. Can’t wait to hear what your new adventure is ?!? Great blog as usual and very envious about the lovely weather you have been having, try to keep it going for when we arrive!
    Kay & Mike xxx


  3. Belated Happy Birthday Carole, what a momentous time, it’s a milestone being 60 yrs young and a great club to be part of as it so many great opportunities. You can fart in public without any worries!!! You can drink more red wine as it’s good for you!!! You can laugh out loud without that feeling you might upset the introverts (who cares when your 60 ) you have the chance to do whatever as everyday counts as everyday is a bonus day come what ever the weather and you guys are certainly blessed with so many great strengths, qualities and great decisions living and loving life in the sunny Spain. Bless you both says Father Christopher and Lady Olivia xxxxxx
    Lots of love and warmest wishes to you and say hello to the ole man Steve


  4. Firstly, a very happy belated birthday, Carole. It sounds as though you celebrated in fine style.

    Blog looks good – well done for doing the course! And I look forward to reading about the new adventure!


  5. Hi Carole,
    Belated Happy Birthday Wishes.
    Sounds like you had a very special celebration. Welcome to the Sixty something’s, it’s a great age and I class it as the new 40.
    I think we were in our 40’s when you came to our house in Sonning. Incredible how time flies. Gavin’s pleased to be in touch with Steve again, and how funny that you’re not far from us in Spain. Our nearest town is Velez Malaga, not sure if you can envisage that but I’m sure we’ll find a great halfway point and meet up when we’re down next.
    I don’t know what your blog looked like before but your post looks great. I find WordPress a bit clunky, so perhaps I should do one of their courses!!
    Buena suerte y hasta la vista
    Sue & Gavin


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