Aguilas Carnival


Normally, our party season kicks off mid-May at the Jauro fiesta. But, finally, we made it to the Aguilas Carnival. With over 200 years of history,  it was awarded “Fiestas of International Tourism Interest” in January 2015.

And so many tiny children participating!

20190310_190848 (2)

The carnival is also the most famous in Murcia and people travel from all over Spain to enjoy it!

IMG-20190310-WA0048 (2)

The carnival is over many days and the parades last anything between 2 to 4 hours! We went on the last evening for the Grand Parade.

There were thousands of people in carnival spirit helped by the “cuerva”(wine based drink) which is one of the well known features of this carnival. It’s said that the drink, La Cuerva, is prepared using all the left over alcohol from Christmas. Now there’s an idea as I peep in our drinks cupboard! Lots of spirits mixed with red and white wine plus soft drinks. I couldn’t find an exact recipe but as there is a contest for the best Cueva, it sounds like anything goes? The judges decide on the tastiest and name the winning drink “Super Cueva”!

A little tease for you ….. zoom in and count the lolly sticks in the photos above on the floats and outfits …..

Another feature is the “cascarones de confetti” (eggshells filled with confetti). Months ahead of the carnival, eggs are blown rather than broken and the eggshells stored by the locals. They are then painted or covered in colourful tissue and filled with confetti. On the Saturday before the big carnival parade in the Plaza de Espana, the cascarones are thrown during the battle of Don Carnal and Doña Cuaresma.

Doña Cuaresma (representing austerity, self denial and abstinence)  wins and imprisons Don Carnel (representing mischief, merriment and excess) and we enter Lent. He escapes (end of Lent) and they get together and we party at the fiestas following Semana Santa (Easter week). This battle is played out in many carnivals all over Spain.

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We will be there next year, will you?











Moros y Cristianos Fiestas


Summer is finally here in Spain and the fiestas are in full swing with the ‘Moors and Christians’. This is the key fiesta in Mojacar and having been told how good it is, we went on the final day and were not disappointed. It was fabulous!

Here is the history bit…

It is to remember the peacefully negotiated surrender of Mojacar and local pueblos at the end of the 15th century to the Christian King. Most importantly the motto is ‘no winner or losers’. On the third and final day the Great Parade starts early evening. All the town’s residents split into different guilds or ‘cabilas’ and are involved in the parade dressing in stunning, colourful costumes mixed with non stop bands who have the loudest drums!


There were thousands of people there to fully enjoy and party until the early hours. My photos take you through some of the parade but working with my mobile phone and many rogue arms, heads and other mobiles, was a challenge but enjoy and feel the spirit!!



It is going to be a long night for these young boys




Is this Bruce’s brother?







Never too young to participate!



Ready to try this (after a vino blanco?)



See you in June next year?



But it is a new month, so good excuse for another fiesta….we are off to Rojales!  It really is amazing how stunning all the costumes are at these fiestas? The local councils (Ayuntamiento) know how to prioritize the funds! Bring on the girls



And the guys



And of course the children and bands








Time for a little siesta… until the next fiesta!!!!!


aaaa fiestas de san pedro