10 things that’ve made us happy!


We thought we would take a great idea from our god-daughter Rosie’s blog ‘Cider with Rosie’ and list 10 things that made us happy this month.

Fame at last! If you would like to visit aplaceinthesun.com and hit the tab ‘news and features’ you will see our smiley faces as they have featured our move here! (Thanks James).

Just recovering from our third Antas fiesta. From the parade of the Virgen de la Cabeza statue, the children dancing flamenco, to the live music, just 4 nights of fun.

Meeting up with our Belgium friends Jeannine and Georges, at the fiesta, of course, as they have been away for 2 months.

September weather is still sizzling hot with balmy evenings, so making the most of it before autumn arrives.

An evening with Ezequel and Geli, who feed us their delicious home-made tapas and correct our attempts to speak Spanish! And a tip, wine helps you to be more fluent.

Rosie and Jason’s darling Ottilie was one year old on Saturday. A little party girl from the photos we have seen!

Friday evening, Cold Feet is back on tv – yeah!

Charlie, our 4 month old puppy, can finally co-ordinate all four legs when running! More on him later!

Our newest plant ‘tecomaria capensis’ is bursting with flame orange flowers. It is next to our lime or lemon tree …will be a surprise?

Finally, this was sent to us….. a ‘tweet’ from The Queen regarding the itinerary for King Felipe back in July – ‘Tomorrow we shall be taking the King of Spain on a trip in a glass bottomed boat …. so he can inspect the Spanish Armada’!





One thought on “10 things that’ve made us happy!

  1. We shall be there to meet Charlie Ina week or so! Bring on the barmy weather! Southern France cold/ cloudy/ damp! Kay and Mike x


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