Another gem discovered!


We have discovered the Secret Garden and Mo­roc­can Tea House, Casa Mor­isca at Crevillente.



The owner, whose dream was to bring a little piece of Morocco to Spain, moved from Granada and began by buying a piece of land which had a small house and as the story goes one palm tree. Over the course of 37 years, his hard work and constant development of the land, has given us the enchanting secret garden which is now a large family home and business. The one palm tree is now lost amongst the palatial gardens that surround the home affording many hidden seating areas in which to enjoy your tea.



Wandering through the maze of rooms, you discover a plethora of small courtyards, hidey holes and finding yourself on a balcony overlooking other small balconies and further places to explore.



Finding a hidden staircase we continue back on the ground floor with more seating areas inside, warmed by lit open fireplaces, a welcoming feature in the chill of a March evening.



As the sun sets the lanterns start to sparkle and the candles line the paths, just magical. With the lullaby charms of the fountains, the gardens are a really tranquil oasis. Until the peacocks roaming around start to ‘chat’ it must be time for tea! At least 20 aromatic choices from fruit to spicy all served up with Moroccan sweet cakes. A truly enchanting treat and ‘chill out’ place which is not only beautiful but also inspiring.



We will definitely come again!


2 thoughts on “Another gem discovered!

  1. Looks Wonderful very tranquil .If I was there, I would enjoy a lovely cup of Moroccan Tea ,in the late evening as the candles and Lanterns come alight, truly Magical, and spiritual!!!


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