Our hidden gem, Antas

Let me take you on a tour of our fabulous local town of Antas which is just a few kilometers from us and twenty minutes from the coast. Our little pueblo of Los Chopos and nearby pueblos of Jauro, Aljariz, El Real, Los Raimundos to name but a few, are all in fact part of the friendly and welcoming  Antas. The first thing you see on the outskirts is the remains of the Roman aqueduct surrounded by many orange groves.

Antas Monday morning market sells loads of local produce and we can practice our Spanish.

Coffee at our local cafe bar El Sur is a regular visit, especially after our Spanish lessons when we are in need of wine, beer and tapas! Gabriela and Enrique own El Sur (pictured with their daughter Romina) and have made us so welcome from our first visit. El Sur is the hub of the community and Gabriela has helped us with a local plumber, electrician etc…. She even translated over the phone while Steve and the plumber were on the roof here!!!

Down the cobbled streets is the Centro de la Cultura. It houses the local police station, library and also serves as the centre for adult educational classes including our Spanish classes.

we stroll pass the church, town hall and it’s plaza……

….. and arrive in the Era Del Lugar where preparations are underway for the Antas fiesta. OK here’s the history bit…. on a hill top outside the town is the Hermitage of the ‘Virgen de Cabeza’ which is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Antas. The statue of the virgin is taken to the plaza where beautiful, fragrant floral tributes are offered by the Spanish local residents

Then the fiesta begins, bring on the band!

And of course, the children have their own funfair!

Fiesta to siesta and then back to normal life in our chilled, lovely Antas


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