Our Cortijo one year on…

Almost everyday we are doing work on our Spanish home as this was always our planned project. But then everyday we see more we need or would like to do!! Our love for our house can occasionally be bitter sweet when starting a job creates another. Painting walls, is just a small example, where it is normal for the plaster to fall off at the same time! Plumbing out here has a whole different meaning. I have become Steve’s permanent ‘apprentice’. I have also been fired a couple of times! 

Our first and and easiest priority, was decorating the guest room and improving the bathroom.

In the downstairs bedroom, we had the cane ceiling, which harboured all sorts of unwelcome bugs,  taken down. A beam was replaced and then the whole ceiling re- plastered.  ‘Andalucian blue’ in the decoration was then a ‘must’.

The courtyard is our biggest and most exciting renovation to date but not quite finished! We still have to paint the woodwork, plus we have decided on more lighting and plants. Our furniture will be delivered this week…well, it is Spain so …  Our courtyard is for chilling out (or partying) and all in a fly free, cool and modern space, a surprise in our Spanish cortijo!



 72 rusty railings on the balcony to prepare and paint (3 coats of white!)

And so far…

Finally, the garden should have its own blog! Of course it is continuous and we discover new plants in each season and then learn how to look after them and overall it is a joy. Now we must sort the irrigation system (we have free smelly water but that is another story!). Areas by the pool and house are slowly coming together but the rest will stay ‘natural’. We have olive, almond and pomegranate trees in our little orchard and cactus plants ranging from a few inches high to 6 foot plus! Our lemon, lime and orange trees need nurturing badly. I have never worn so many clothes when gardening as I dread meeting a scorpion, huge spider, snake……………..

Just a few improvements…….

Many friends ask what we do with our days, so now you know, now year 2 ….

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