When so many people tell you a place is great, there is always a chance that your expectations will be too high but Granada doesn’t disappoint at all!! Set in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalucia and only a two and a quarter beautiful drive from us.Of course, we stopped on route for our Spanish breakfast of tomato toast, freshly made churros and coffee with our friends Geli and Ezequiel.


There is so much to see and do aside from visiting the famous Alhambra palace and fortress. The once Muslim City was taken over by the Christians led by Queen Isabel of Castile in 1492, so the architecture at the palace and throughout the city has strong Moorish influences. The old part of the city is made up of narrow streets with small shops, tapas bars and restaurants all buzzing but still with a relaxed atmosphere. We will go back as two days was just not enough!

Strolling along to Alcaiceria the Arab district of the city and close to Granada Cathedral.

Then time for tapas and drinks……followed by a long lunch. In the evening we amble along Paseo de los Tristes (the sad walk), the place to be! We are in and out of little souvenir shops, stopping for more tapas and people watching, while Steve and I struggle to speak Spanish . It’s amazing how good beer and wine helps the fluency, well we thought we had improved as the night went on!!!

Day two after not much sleep as so hot, we start walking up the very steep hills to El Albaicin, the Moorish quarter of the city. Stopping several times on our climb, not sure if we were gasping for breath or at the stunning views!

Walking back to Paseo de los Tristes for lunch, Ezequiel, spots in one of the narrow streets a guitarist. He explains that Steve would love to hear traditional ‘Spanish guitar’so we just chill and listen for half an hour.

Late afternoon we visit Alhambra Palace, I don’t want to give you a history lesson, so enjoy some of the many photos I took. And if you haven’t or cannot visit, then ‘google’ Alhambra, it really is ‘wow’!

Inside there are a lot of beautiful mosaics and carvings but on a hot July day maybe too many to really appreciate!

Then back outside, phew!

A fantastic trip and can’t wait to go back. We were exhausted, happy but our poor old brains aching after all that Spanish ‘chatting’. Mind you, not as tired as our dear Spanish friends having to listen to us. Maybe that is why we stopped for several tapas and drinks?


Hasta luego!